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Police Horse Riot Protection - Nose Guard & Visor

Teks Police

Used by NATO & other law enforcement agencies across Europe.

Because these are imported from Europe the shipping & duty needs to be calculated on an individual basis Please call (888) 668-6860 Or Email sales@police-equipment-worldwide.com

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The Horse Nose Protector and Visor protects the nose and eyes of the horse against thrown objects and hits in Riot control situations. The protector can be attached to the horse headstall with leather straps and metal hooks.

The protective plastic on the nose guard is stitched on the leather/foam part.


There is one size available which is adjustable with straps.

Height of the visor: 21cm
Width of the visor: 55cm
Height of the nose protector: 62cm

Weight: 0,8kg +/- 5%

Main materials used:

Visor: 3mm polycarbonate
Nose protector inside: Leather
Foam: Cross-linked LDPE, 3mm thick
Hard plastics: HDPE 500, 3mm thick

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