Tek's Police - US Cavalry, Officer's Pads - Saddle Pads

Price does not include insignia, patches or embroidery; to special order call 1-888-668-6860

1" Silver Reflective Trim - available at $19.70 

Additional 1/4" reflective bead between trim and pad available at $15.50
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US Cavalry, Officer's Pads - Saddle Pads

$12 Per Pair, Per Pad for patch sewing. Please contact us on: 1-888-668-6860 to arrange.

  • Comes in your Department's colors with trim or Ceremonial Black.
  • Features nylon Cordura with contour stitching.
  • Cavalry cop style nylon codura saddle pad with black quilted backing.

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Sheriff's Green
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Royal Blue
  • Tan - White

Striping Colors:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Navy
  • Royal Blue
  • Green
  • Tan
  • White
  • Red

Please contact us for any personalized or custom saddle pad orders.

Custom sizes readily available, add $10.00.

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